Historically, men made decisions for the household and took the lead when it came time to buy a new family car. Fortunately, those times have come and gone, as women have established themselves as equals in the workplace, home and economy. Our Chevrolet dealership near Youngstown, OH, treats and values all of our customers exactly the same, regardless of gender, profession or marital status.
Women are selecting and paying for their own cars now more than ever. With more than $300 billion annually in buying power when it comes to new cars for the family, we know how important our female customers are. In fact, women are responsible for over 50 percent of new-car purchases and have influence in more than 80 percent of car sales. It's clear that car dealerships need to embrace this segment of customers to remain successful as household dynamics shift, something that Cole Valley Chevy has always believed.
Our sales and finance teams will never patronize or talk down to our women buyers. We know they've done plenty of research and shouldn't be considered less knowledgeable than men. Our female customers don't need.
Cole Valley Chevrolet prides itself on its willingness and ability to adapt to the changing economy and social landscape. We're not afraid to lead the way when it comes to catering to female customers and wait for other dealerships to follow bring their brothers, fathers, husbands, boyfriends or male friends along to our Chevy dealership in order to be treated with respect.